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The one-of-its-kind eAqua solution is a uniquely customized business solution especially designed by EDC to revolutionize the entire experience of water bottle supply companies and their consumers. eAqua supports these bottling companies and sets them up as front runners in the industry.

The solution digitizes operations and improves customer experience by integrating personalized membership cards with a web and mobile based application that simplifies interactions between water bottling companies, fleet members, corporate clients, FMCGs and individual consumers, allowing hassle-free transactions through personalized cards. This ensures that the company is able to re-invent their brand value, consumer experience and distribution system as well as allow effective sales and invoice management through detailed report generation on various parameters. Conducting transactions via mobile app and web portal using our digital payment services, with minimal need for cash or paper coupons, result in a streamlined supply chain and distribution process.

eAqua modules

Bottling Company Admin

  • Product management
  • Daily schedule management/ Route planning
  • Fleet member tracking
  • Sales monitoring
  • Price management
  • Contract management
  • Promo code management
  • Report management

Fleet Member App

  • Electronic consumer transaction
  • Bottle deposit fees collection
  • Recharge management
  • Prepaid recharge
  • Schedule management
  • Route management
  • Ad hoc request management
  • Tax invoice issuance
  • Order processing

Prepaid/ Cash Consumer

  • Request management
  • Schedule management
  • Delivery management
  • Ad hoc request management
  • Profile management
  • Payment history
  • Transactional history
  • Stock in hand

Credit/Corporate Consumer

  • Web portal
  • Invoice management
  • SOA management

What Are The Advantages to Drinking Water Bottling Companies?

  • Low opEx

    Save up on operational overheads via a streamlined supply chain and distribution process.

  • Go Digital

    Say goodbye to paper coupons, cash handling and conduct transactions via mobile app and web portal with the help of our digital payment services.

  • Customer Retention

    Personalized cards will increase consumer loyalty.

  • Customer Service

    Grievance/ customer complaints/concerns/change requests handling via an automated ticketing system.

  • Direct Marketing

    Increase in brand value with the use of eAqua services.

  • Monitoring

    Oversight via SMS, helping with fraud prevention and overall flexibility.

  • Performance Management

    Increased working efficiency of your teams.

  • Accounting Advantage

    Keep up-to-date with your VAT filing

  • Statistical Advantages

    Detailed report generation on various parameters such as distributors, regions, areas, products, consumers as well as monitoring of performance and sales.

  • Loyalty Points

    Provision of OD limit to consumers.

Current Challenges

  • Difficulty in marketing special offers & promotions.
  • Customer communication and interactions.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Manual route management.
  • Dependency on fleet members.
  • Stock handling during loading and unloading.
  • Tracking and monitoring.
  • Reconciling manual reports.
  • Cash and coupon control process.

benefits of eAqua

  • Simplify your process.
  • Boost your entire value chain.
  • Low operational expenses.
  • Go digital.
  • Enhance customer service and retention.
  • Performance management.
  • Accounting advantages.
  • Increase productivity & agility.
  • Loyalty points.
  • Monitoring & reporting.
  • Statistical advantage.
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