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General Meeting

With all of your company’s stakeholders in the room, delivering a seamless AGM is indispensable to your business. EDC helps to offer the best event production solutions to make sure your AGM is a success. EDC excels at producing AGMs of all complexities, sizes, and across a myriad of industries. Our proven track record and tailored approach makes us the preferred AGM organizer in the GCC region. The EDC team has unparalleled experience and specialist skills in managing AGMs, backed by a thorough knowledge of the formal processes in executing an AGM. Our contemporary methods make sure delivery is professional and to the highest standard, and we strive towards ensuring your attendees leave the event inspired and influenced. EDC’s unrivalled production team is here to make sure your next AGM is a success. Our energy and enthusiasm extend to all our clients, ensuring that we create a working relationship that goes beyond expectations.


Designing, Procuring and Managing all event collateral

EDC designs and produces everything from annual reports, event tickets, name tags, program books, logos, banners, roll ups, corporate gifts, stationary, save the date cards, flyers, signage and more to help make your event a thriving success.


Printing,Inserting and mailing the invitations (Postal services, SMS/Email and Courier)

With commercial printing and direct mail teams under one umbrella, we make sure to print your invitations, insert them in custom designed envelopes, address the envelopes, match them to recipient addresses and mail them days in advance to give you peace of mind. Our data quality and processing specialists will help you optimize your list quality to make sure that all the pertinent attendees receive the invitation. All invites are sent through SMS/email and are delivery-proof.


Financial reports and books printing

Tell your financial story with a custom designed annual reports sharing your successes with your customers and stakeholders while putting your best foot forward for the next year of sales. Our unrivalled design team designs everything necessary, complete with choices of compelling images, layouts, bindings, foil stampings and embossed finishes.


contacting shareholders and arranging for proxy signing if needed to secure quorate

We constantly follow up with the representatives of the corporate members and ensure that the proxy forms are received by the company before the time fixed for holding the AGM.


Organizing An Extraordinary AGM

We deliver events that feature a “defining moment” for all attendees. We strive to deliver an event experience that an attendee would not otherwise have access to.


Designing and releasing the newspaper notification/ Advertisement

To get the word out about your AGM, EDC books an AGM notice advertisement in national and regional newspapers, detailing date, time, duration, venue, and information about the elections of officers. Our media experts ensure that you get the best position possible in the publication and a great response from the advertisement.


Booking a Venue

We handle all aspects with regards to the venue. This includes the initial inspections to establish suitability, on-site management at the time of the event, conference room allocation, catering, audio-visual, car parking arrangements, usability for disabled attendees, and all other aspects required. Selecting a venue that is easily accessible to invitees will result in a higher attendance.


Developing the Voting and Attendance Application

We design and develop a custom app to facilitate voting and attendance.


Managing the event in total including registering the attendees and managing the voting

We design your voting system in advance, keeping in mind who was nominated, the proposer and seconder for each candidate, the number of votes each person received, and who was elected for each post. Shareholders that are entitled to attend may vote on the motions concerning the items on the agenda of any General Meeting via electronic communication as well if they are not present.

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