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Non Financial Cards

Personalization of Magnetic Stripe cards

  • Personalization of Medical, Insurance, Loyalty, Access, and Employee ID cards.
  • Photo printing, Ultra Graphic/Thermal printing, and Barcode printing.
  • High speed multiple machines processing for End to End service.
  • High Quality processes and precision work.
  • Scalability as required
  • Access control & Intrusion protection system.
  • 24/7 operations.
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Procurement of Cards

EDC can source Cards, catering to the evolving and expanding business needs of Government, Telecom, Retail, Hospitality and other industries seeking efficiency and security.

Client can provide us with their artwork or EDC has got in-house design team who can create artwork which would be in-line with the client marketing requirements.

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RIFD Cards


Hotel Keys Cards









Card Personalization

You can personalize fobs, carriers, and cards on various substrates to meet both your marketing and environmental policies. Choose from inkjet, laser, thermal, or digital personalization capabilities run on in-house machinery to assemble, print, encode, address and distribute your finished pack.

  • Access Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • RFID Cards
  • Employee ID Cards
  • Special Cards
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  • Healthcare Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-printed cards
  • Event Cards

Procurement of Cards

Client can provide us with their artwork or EDC has got in-house design team who can create artwork which would be in-line with the client marketing requirements.

(Automated & Manual)

    Auto Fulfillment of financial cards (Credit, Debit and WPS cards)

  • Card & Carrier personalized and matched with a bar code printed on the card carrier automatically affixed on the card carrier
  • Activation stickers can be applied on the card automatically inline.
  • Up to 4 inserts can be fulfilled automatically into the envelop
  • Card carrier will be folded and inserted automatically into envelopes
  • Pin wise system generated report.
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    With our experience in manual fulfillment, we have evolved into a highly systemized way of handling any project. Accurate and High Quality output is the key focus of our team.

  • Qualified and professional packing of credit and debit cards packs
  • Fulfillment of Welcome packs/boxes with required marketing collaterals
  • Sorting, matching, inserting, segregating, labeling, sticking, affixing, sealing, and bundling for all types of personalized packs.
  • Strict QC processes with full reporting for each job pack or item used

Mailing & Courier Handling

  • Individual Air way bill printing as per the client requirement.
  • Individual Air way bill matching with the personalized letter/envelope.
  • Inserting the envelope into the courier pouch.
  • Inserting the Air way bill into the courier pouch
  • Sealing the courier pouch
  • EDC can handle bulk dispatch to single location.
  • Packing into boxes for courier dispatch.

Return Mail Service (RTS)

Process flow

Once client has finalized to shred the Cards, Client will send these inactive cards for shredding to EDC after keeping them under its safe custody for 30/45 days or as Client deem fit. EDC will receive the cards at a pre-defined interval / time with the handover sheet provided by CLIENT. EDC will be prepare the report.

The report will consist of:

  • Date received
  • Ref. no. (Last 6 digits of the card number)
  • Customer Name
  • Card/Product type
  • No. of cards (Primary & supplementary)
  • Date destroyed
  • No. of cards shredded

EDC will shred the cards under dual control. Damage certificates will be prepared for the cards shredded & the document will be retained for a maximum period of 24 months.

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