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As a subscription-based SaaS solution, Correspondence enables insurers to deliver, approve, and create personalized, accurate, and compliant claims correspondence to customers across digital and print channels, alleviating dependence on IT.

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Empower Business Users to Boost your Claims Process

Business users can leverage the pre-defined editable fields within appropriate claims correspondence template and customize the content as they see fit. As soon as a correspondence is complete, it is subject to approval via a web browser. We automate the complete life cycle of the correspondence process including creating and assigning tasks, capturing the correspondence information, setting notifications and tracking the status of each correspondence. Since the process is completely browser-based, the entire process is completed in no time, without the involvement of IT or need for unnecessary plug-ins.

Elevate the quality of your customer experience

The most important and expensive customer interaction opportunity for insurers is claims. It defines the fine line between acquiring business or losing it. Make sure you are always there for your customers when they need you. Stay abreast of the preferred channel of your customers to deliver consistent and efficient claims correspondence.

Prove regulatory compliance

Mitigate risk via an easy-to-use web interface by enabling compliance personnel to lock down, approve, and edit regulatory language within correspondence templates. To facilitate auditing, all changes are easily referenced and tracked.

Create New Templates in No Time

The easy to use editor makes it easy for business users to craft and modify templates according to brand guidelines with cutting edge formatting and state-of-the-art design tools.

  • Update templates > 1 hour
  • Create customized correspondence >1 minute
  • Complete automated approvals >1 hour
  • On-board new employees >1 day