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Electronic Documents Centre offers end-to-end solutions in Customer Communication, Data Processing, Digital Printing, and Packaging, Financial & Non-financial Cards Solution, and Distribution in a highly secure environment. EDC is revolutionizing the future of dynamic communication, digital solutions, and electronic fulfillment.

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Smart Cards for Present & Future

EDC is the partner of choice for public, transport, retail, enterprise, government, and payment organizations looking for the most secured and sophisticated card personalization solutions.

Financial Cards

EDC excels in the provision of innovative and comprehensive Card Solutions for financial sectors by EMV Certified Payment Cards .

Non Financial Cards

Choose from a variety of personalization and mailing solutions for non-financial sectors. You can personalize the card, mailing packages, and carriers, and be confident in our data matching and verification systems for B2B industries.

Infinite Channels, Meaningful Communications

A better customer experience translates into higher revenue growth. Deliver, manage, and design on-demand and high-volume personalized communications across the entire customer journey- from a centralized platform.

Customer Journey Mapping

The exclusive cloud-based journey mapping tool that seamlessly incorporates the physical and digital touchpoints your customers interact with into your journey maps, to ensure real-time improvements.


Automate and personalize your clients’ onboarding process by creating paperless, ready-to-process digital document, to help bring the clients onboard in no time.


Alleviate reliance on IT. Deliver, approve, and create personalized, accurate, and regulatory-compliant claims correspondence to customers across all channels.

Dynamic Communication

Our Dynamic Communication offers a customized and interactive communication solution that helps organizations engage with the clients; However they want, Whenever they want.

State of Art Solutions for Digital & Commercial Printing

Our digital printing facility boasts top-notch quality and fastest machinery to churn out any print job of high to Low volume. The Secured facility offers personalization, fulfillment, packaging, and auto insertion, all under one roof makes us a one-stop-shop for all your printing and packaging needs.

Commercial Printing

Our high-end variable data printing, Transpromo, Personalized Printing and Digital Express unit solutions offer you a wide array of digital printing products, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, catalogs, billing books, marketing collateral, and stationary.

Transactional Printing

We merge traditional offset printing with digital dynamic data driven printing to offer seamless printing of invitations, invoices, transactional statements, envelope printing, gift box labelling, contracts and reports, and insurance documents. .

Large Format Printing

Ready to create promotional materials that pack a punch? From one-of-a-kind banners to high-volume orders, we’re highly skilled in large format, digital printing across various mediums, be it banners, billboards, posters, or tradeshow graphics.

Fulfillment & Packaging

In a secure facility dedicated to offer personalization, automatic and manual fulfillment, packaging, and auto insertion all under one roof, we go one step beyond to offer VIP kits, wooden boxes, customized boxes, welcome kits, and PU leather organizers.

Innovative Digital Solutions

EDC steps into the high-profile project domain with our high-end and innovative Turkey solutions. We identify potential project tenders and manage bids for their successful execution.

eAqua - Digital Platform for Water Bottling Companies

A smart business solution for the water bottling companies in the trending mobile world. A flexible system that supports and optimizes water distribution process with high efficiency and accuracy of products delivery.

Annual General Meeting – Event Management

Get the peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your Annual General Meeting is meticulously organized by us; from designing and printing invitations and print materials, to contacting shareholders and booking the venue.